Reading and Information Literacy

Basic Description

This guide includes a variety of library-related and information literacy assignments that can be incorporated into reading courses.  Assignments are listed under the following menu options:

  • Language/Vocabulary
  • Inference
  • Skim/Scan
  • Main Idea/Details/Summary
  • Compare/Contrast/Evaluation
  • Independent Book or Essay

Menu options by course are also provided to help you identify appropriate assignments.  For each assignment, relevant reading competencies and corresponding information literacy competencies are identified.  In addition, information on the estimated time to complete the assignment, whether library instruction is recommended, and if it can be completed online is included. An RTF version of each assignment is available for your convenience.

Library Instruction Request Form

Scanvenger Hunt

In this activity, students become familiar with library resources they can use as a reading student, resources for personal enjoyment, and quiet places to read and study.  Students also experience reading a map.  Students can complete this outside of classroom time.