Model UN Resources

a guide for students preparing for a Model UN Conference

Understanding the Organization of the UN

UNA-USA suggests that your gaining a better understanding of the United Nations organization will serve you well as you participate in Model UN. Check out their UN System Research page.

United Nations

UN at a Glance provides a tidy introduction and provides links to the history of the organization, a list of member states, special observances, and more detailed information.

Introduction to and overview of the United Nations, provided by the UN's CyberSchoolBus site. This site was created for K12 students but can be appreciated for its basic language and relative brevity.

How the Conference is Conducted

This page gives a sense of sequence - that is, the order in which things occur at the conference.  

Keep in mind that beyond all the research and writing of position papers, you will be interacting with other delegates in person so you need to prepare for face-to-face discussions and public speaking. For that part of your participation, there are Rules of Procedure for the ways you interact with others. 

Model UN Vocabulary

A glossary of terms provided by UNA-USA can help you get accustomed to UN-speak.

Position Papers

UNA-USA provides an overview of and tips on writing position papers in preparation for Model UN.

The above page links to sample position paper as well.