ENH251: Mythology (G. Winters)

Research Guide For Ms. Winters ENH251 Class

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  • Aztec creation myth
  • Norse gods
  • Celtic mythology

Finding Books in the Library

In the PC Library, Myths, Legends, and Folktales are arranged by Library of Congress Call Numbers

Look for materials under the following:

  • BL: Mythology from all cultures
  • E 98 and E 99: Native American legends and folktales
  • F1202: History of Latin America
  • GR1 - GR 950: Folklore and tales from specific countries or regions
  • P (Literature): Folktales, Fairy Tales, Myths and Fables


Call numbers are located on the spine of the book

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Black and white image of an Egyptian godWelcome!

This research guide will help you complete your

Hero Quest Assignment for ENH251

For your Hero Quest assignment you will need to locate:

  • Information about a specific culture

  • Creation Myths from that culture

  • Hero Myth(s) from the culture 

    • Identify at least 2 heroes from the Hero Myth 

    • Create a stat sheet for each hero

  • Find a Multimedia resource (video, song, sculpture, etc.) related to your culture's myths

Recommended Library Resources for this class

Basic Information about your topic

  • Gale eBooks - easy to search collection of reference ebooks, includes some images.
  • Credo Reference - collection of encyclopedias and dictionaries on a variety of subjects
  • Oxford Reference- easy to use collection of ebooks on a variety of topics.
  • Global Road Warrior- great source for historical and cultural information on over 175 countries.
  • Salem Press - easy to use collection of ebooks on a variety of topics.

Multimedia Resources (Images / Videos)

  • Feature Films for Education - collection of 600 popular movies, including superhero and myth based films.
  • Films on Demand - thousands of streaming video clips, includes information on myths and cultures
  • Academic Video Onlinethousands of streaming video clips, includes information on myths and cultures
  • ArtStor - collection of over 1 million high quality images of art, photography, paintings and more!

Not sure where to start - use ONE SEARCH to search all library databases at the same time!

Sample of Available Books