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Generative AI and NoodleTools

Be sure to check with your instructor first before citing content generated from AI, such as Chat GPT and Bard.  

NoodleTools has a new option for citing AI:

  • Where is it?  Website
  • What is it? AI Response/Output

As you complete the NoodleTools form, look at the "i" for more information to help you fill out the fields.

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NoodleTools is an online citation generator purchased by the Phoenix College Library, which means it is free for all PC students and faculty!

While there are many functions of NoodleTools, three features that might be of most interest are the 1) citation generator (MLA 8th ed., APA 6th ed., Chicago/Turabian 17th ed.), 2) notecards for taking notes on cited sources, and 3) sharing of working bibliographies with classmates or instructors.‚Äč

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What do I do when I see "Revalidate Personal Folder?"

Every August 1st, NoodleTools resets all accounts.  If you are a student at PC, you'll want to first log in through our EZProxy server.  Then, when you log into NoodleTools, your account will be automatically revalidated.   Please use this link:

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