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March 2023 Displays



Women's History Month

A celebration of the contributions women have made to our society and continue to make everyday. Recognizing the achievements women have made over the course of history in different fields and interests. See campus events happening all throughout the month of March including STEAM Theatre and a discussion panel of “The Post-Roe World.”

Women's History Month 2023


Solidarity with Peoples Struggling Against Racism & Racial Discrimination Week

March 21-27, 2023 is a week of solidarity with peoples struggling against racism and racial discrimination. Striving toward racial equality in all nations around the world opposing human rights violations, forms of injustice, and unethical discrimination.

Solidarity with Peoples struggling against racism & racial Discrimination week 2023


Spring Thyme

A season of change, renewal, and blossoming. Enjoy nature with a good book this Spring Break.

Spring Thyme 2023 Display


Irish Heritage Month

Irish Heritage Month 2023

February 2023 Displays

Social Justice


Black History Month

In 1926, Carter G. Woodson established Negro Week, the second week of February, as a time to honor the contributions of African-Americans have made to the United States of American. As time has passed, as well as our culture as Americans. This week-long celebration has been extended the entire month of February over the years and has been recognized as Black History Month. Please join Phoenix College Student Life & Leadership Black History Month events happening all month long or enjoy one of the many books at the library for all ages.

Black History Month February 2023



Got plans for Valentine’s Day? Need some relationship advice? Or are you more of a fan of the romance genre than meeting new people? We’ve got just the books and/or films for you. Enjoy our romance fiction, dating advice, or just an interesting read on love while in lockdown. If romance isn’t your thing, try a blind date with a book for a new genre or experience. Be sure to stay safe this holiday with STDs & U seminars happening February 7-9, virtual & in-person (register required). Check-out Student Life & Leadership's "Valentines Day Marketplace" to support student club fundraisers on February 13 & 14 from 11 am - 2 pm in Sophomore Square, or the Adulting 101 Course: 1+1=3 Relationships workshop happening on February 14 in the Student Union from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm.

Valentine's Day February 2023


Celebration of Chocolate Month

Sweet treats can be found in these pages, or at least a great description of chocolate. Drop in for a chocolate treat (while supplies last), and be sure to checkout the Chocolate Affaire happening February 18-19 in Glendale, Arizona.

Chocolate Month February 2023


Random Acts of Kindness

February 14 - 20, practice a random kindness and senseless acts of beauty. Need some inspiration, roll the yellow dice to bring joy to another or play the random acts of kindness bingo card for a chance to win a book. 

Random Acts of Kindness February 2023

January 2023

New Year, Better You

With a new year here, it's time to take a moment to reflect on the last.  Did you enjoy your time, achieve your goals, take stock on what was important to you? If you were just a bit unsatisfied and want to work on a better version of yourself, we have the books for you. Fitness, reduced back pain, getting more financially fit, or taking that professional risk. It just has to start with you. Be sure to checkout PC's Student Life & Leadership Adulting 101 series for those little life-lessons you may have missed beginning January 31 with the Way to Wellness workshop.

New Year, Better You 2023


National Hobby Month

Time to celebrate your favorite passion or pastime, or take a chance to discover new ones. From artsy DIYs to outdoor activities, or try repurposing old material or even home-improvement projects. It's a chance to grow your skill set. Not sure what to try next, check out these titles for inspiration.

National Hobby Month 2023


Music Moves Us

Music is everywhere. Our radio, streaming, movies, television, even our social media reels. Music can be the lyrics in our hymns, the rhythm of our dances, or the vibrations when our sense of hearing is lost. Music moves us. Take a look at what it takes to make music or just enjoy the easy listening.

Music Moves Us 2023